Privacy Policy

Updated August 15th, 2017

This privacy policy governs the way Tuki Group ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of UK, P.C.N 10931258 (hereinafter, the “Company”) collects, uses, maintains and discloses your information in www.Tukitravel.com, and the related Tuki application (which may be distributed in the different platforms, such as Apple’s Appstore and Google’s Google-play, Microsoft application store, etc.) (together, “Tuki”) , when you use Tuki’s services.

Acceptance of this Policy
By using Tuki, you accept this policy and terms of service which are an inseparable part hereof. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use Tuki.

Changes to this Statement
We have the discretion to periodically update this privacy policy to take account of changes to our operations or practices, and further, to make sure it remains appropriate to any changes in law, technology and the business environment. When we do, we will also revise the “updated” date at the top of this privacy page. We encourage you to periodically review this privacy statement to stay informed about how we are helping to protect the personal information we collect. Your continued use of the service constitutes your agreement to this privacy policy and to its updates.

Tuki is a social venue based on a combined search in several social and sharing-traveling platforms, and which is designated to plan your trip in the lowest cost possible. Tuki is assimilating a customized and combined search in the following platforms:
1. AirBnB
2. Bla Bla Car
(collectively, the “Platforms”).

What kinds of information is being collected by us?
We collect different kinds of information from or about you.

Content You Upload, and Things You Do and Information You Provide.
In order to provide you with the best of services, when you use our services, we collect all the content that you upload or provide, and all other information you provide, including but not limited to your home address, birthdate, the photos you upload to Tuki, and information you submit when you sign up for an account, all emails sent to us, and all message or communications with others – including the content of the messages.

Also, to optimize our services to you, we collect information about the way you use our services. For example, we record the types of content you view, what do you engage with, or the frequency and duration of such or similar activities.

Information about the content you provide is also being collected, such as the location or date of a photo that was uploaded to Tuki.

For the benefit of you and your friends, when other users interact with you, we collect such information as well. Information such as photos of you or messages being sent to you, contact information users share about you etc., is being collected by us.

For security and verification purposes, we also retain your I.D card scan or photo, including your passport’s full scan or photo. We collect your age, nationality, address, gender, personal status and family structure to be provided to us by you as part of the Tuki services, and other personal identifiable information.

Blog Content.
In order to keep security in the Tuki blog, Tuki also collects information like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for logged in users and for users leaving comments on Tuki or other users’ posts on the Tuki blog. Tuki also retains all content which is created or shared on the Tuki blog.

Technical Information Provided by Your Device.
We always strive to optimize our platforms and services, fix bugs and make our software better. Therefore, when you use your computer, phone, tablet or any other device on which you run Tuki or have Tuki installed, we collect information from or about the device itself. We will combine the information about your account to give us a better understanding of your use of services, so we can provide you with better and customized services.

To make the service tailored just for you, among other information, we collect the device’s geographic locations, and we retain all information which was sent to Tuki, including by Wifi, GPS or other means. Geographical information shall be collected by us also whether the application is turned off or logged out, and we monitor and record the location you have been visited and which is provided to us by your devices.

As part of our continuous optimization process, we collect the type and version of the device’s operating system, the Tuki app version being used by you and other device information such as hardware version, battery strength, device I.D and settings, internet service provider, languages set on the Tuki platform, time zones, mobile operator, phone number and IP address being used to access Tuki.

If you share your device’s address book, we will also collect this contact information.

Information From Third-party Service Providers.
Similarly, when you are being redirected from Tuki to the Platforms to complete your orders (for further information please read the terms of service), or when you are being directed to Tuki from third-parties, we receive information about you and your activities from the Platforms or from these third-parties, which is similar to the information we collect on Tuki.

Your Networks and Connections
In order to facilitate your communication with your friends and other users, the Tuki platform allows you to create a friends’ network and be connected to groups wherein you may have more personal interactions with other users, based on your interests. We collect information about the people and groups you are connected to and about the way you interact with them, in order to understand your use and interests, by way of understanding which groups you share content with and which users you interact the most, and their interests. The same information is being collected from other users, in order to combine the information and understand the collective interest of you and your network.

Information About Payments
For in order to improve your user experience in using Tuki for next times, if you use our services for purchases or for payment of orders and trip plans, we collect information about your transaction or purchase. This includes all the payment information, such as the credit/debit card number, CCV and the I.D number associated with that credit card. Also we retain all account information and authentication information, as well as billing, shipping and contact details.

Information From Websites and Apps That Use Our Services.
We also offer SDK or API for Tuki (Software Development Kit) which will allow software developers to implement the Tuki engine into their websites or apps. Therefore, when you use third-party websites and apps which use our SDK, we may collect information about the websites and apps you visit and your use of the Tuki engine in those third-party websites or apps. We also may receive information from the software developers or website/app publishers about your use.

Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive or in device memory that helps us to improve Tuki and your experience. To provide efficient and smooth services to you, we also use cookies and similar technologies to provide and support Tuki services, and to protect and improve them, such as by personalizing content, tailoring and measuring ads, authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of user accounts, remember information that changes the way Tuki behaves or looks (such as user language and functionality), track information about how Tuki is used so that we can make improvements, etc. We may also use analytics cookies to test new advertisements, pages, features or new functionality of the Service to see how our users react to them. We also use cookies to see which areas and features of Tuki are popular and count visits.

This may include sending and reading cookies from your computer or mobile device.

Information We Collect From Other Sources.
We may obtain information from other third-parties and combine it with information we collect through Tuki. For example, if you log into your Tuki account through a social media site, you will automatically grant us access to certain information on you which is stored on that site, such as your name, account information, friends lists, etc.

How do we use the information we collect?
We use the information in the following ways:

Providing the services and customizing your user experience.
We will use the collected information to provide, optimize, personalize and customize the services for you. For example, we might present you with offers, whether Tuki’s or a third-party’s offer, which is based on the information that we possess about your interests and your location. This can be made on the platform, by email or by other means.

We try to show you the most relevant and interesting ads, specifically for you. Therefore, we will show you ads of products or services, and we will measure the impact these ads have upon you. The collected information will be used to improve our advertising and measurement systems, to make the ads more relevant, and to measure the effectiveness of these ads upon you.

We also use the information to respond to you when you contact us, to better understand the issue in question, your request or remark

We will send you confirmations, receipts, technical notices, updates, security alerts, support and administrative emails and/or messages.

For your security, in case your user account has been compromised or a potential security breach has occurred, or in case you’ve lost your credentials or access to Tuki, we use the information collected to ascertain your identity and give you back the control over the account.

We may also use the collected information for general user security purporses to investigate suspicious activity or potential violations of our terms or policies. We may use the information if we believe your actions are inconsistent with our terms or policies, or to protect the rights, property and safety of Tuki, its employees, volunteers or others.

The Information is Being Made Available to Users You Share the Information with.
We want to draw your attention to the fact that when you post something on the Tuki blog or platform, you need to be aware of the publish settings of your posts. When you share and communicate using Tuki, you show information and content to other users of Tuki, or to other users that you have chosen to be in communication with, or to groups that the members of which you’d like to share content or information with. Other users also may share your information, such as when other users upload a photo of you, mention you at a location, venue or an event, etc. Such content is of course being regulated, monitored and controlled by our terms of service.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that some of the information may become public if you or another user has made the information available to the public on Tuki or off it, in which case it will be accessed through other social media, search engines and alternative off-line media such as radio or TV. Another way for the information to become public is by being engaged with another user’s blog or content, wherein such blog or content is being made available to public access as described herein above. In such a case, your engagement will be also be public.

SDK integrations Tuki at third-parties.
An SDK/API is a software development kit, meaning that some people who write computer code can use part of Tuki to implement it in their own platforms. These Third parties may implement our SDK, wherein your blog content may be transferred to such third-parties.

We use social network to expedite our registration process. When you register to a third-party app or website via the Tuki login process, you will also be sharing your friends’ list and blog content that you have shared on Tuki, as well as your username, age, nationality, geographic location, language, as well as any information that you may share with these third-parties. It also should be noted that information collected by third-party apps and websites is subject to their own terms and policies.

Transferring Information to Third-party Partners, Service Providers and Customers.
We work with the Platforms, with third party companies, with service providers and customers who help us provide and improve our Services to you, or who use advertising or related products with Tuki platform. This cooperation allows Tuki to keep the services free for you and continue to provide worldwide service and support its expansion and development. We share information with such third-party partners and customers for the sake of these purposes.

The transferring of information to third parties may be done in order to provide us with technical services to improve them for your benefit, or it can be used to analyzing how Tuki is used, facilitating payments, measuring the effectiveness of ads and services, conducting surveys or providing customer service. Third-parties that receive such personal identifiable information MUST follow strict confidentiality obligations presented by us, under the agreements we enter into with such third-parties, and in a way that is consistent with this privacy policy.

Other personal identifiable information such as phone number, will be delivered to the Platforms to complete your order, and is governed by their own privacy policies.

Information will be transferred to advertising clients (Non-Personally Identifiable Information Only) – to tailor-made the ads for you, to present you with as interesting and relevant ads as we can present you with. Our goal is to give you the best services which match your interests. Therefore we use all the information we have on you to tailor you the most relevant ads we can. We will never send to advertising clients any personally identifiable information such as passport copies, names, I.D numbers, credit cards, email address (information that can be used to contact you or which identifies who you are), or any other information that can be used for identity-theft and which can compromise your security in any way. Nevertheless we will share anonymous demographic information of the user, such as age, gender, location and interests. We may provide advertising clients with information about the reach and effectiveness of their services on Tuki, without providing personally identifiable information.

Redirecting to third-parties
When using Tuki, you may be redirected to the Platforms in order to complete your order, by which case any information that you will provide will be subject to the Platforms’ terms and policies. Since these Platforms are our colleagues but not under our control, we will not and cannot control the information or content that is collected on the Platforms and we are not responsible for the practices employed by the Platforms, or of third-parties linking to Tuki. The Platforms may collect or receive information about your use of their platform including your IP address, browser, device information, pages viewed, time spent on pages, links clicked and conversion information.

Legal requests for information
In any rare case where we are presented with any legal request about you (court order, a search warrant, etc.) , we may share your information after examining the governing laws and coming to conclusion that the law requires us to share information as such.

If the response to that legal proceeding or request is required by law, if it affects users or people in that jurisdiction, and if it abides international standards, we may respond in information sharing to such legal proceeding or request if it was made outside the EEA.

Moreover, for the security and safety of users and people in general, we will retain and share any information which by our view is required to: investigate, detect, prevent and handle illegal activity such as fraud or crimes; to prevent physical harm to people, or to protect ourselves, you or others from any harm.

Furthermore, any information you share with us, including data pertaining to transactions made on Tuki, may be subject to a legal proceedings, request or obligation, wherein information about you will not be deleted even if you request us to do so according to the below paragraph. Such limitation will also apply to governmental investigation, or investigations by us pertaining to possible violations of our terms or policies.

we take reasonable measures to implement security on Tuki and help protect information about you from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Nevertheless, as the communications with Tuki is done by means of the internet, and as a computer platform, we cannot guarantee that the use of Tuki or the interaction therewith will be 100% free viruses, worms, Trojans, and all other malware which are otherwise out of our reasonable control.

How can I delete information collected about me?
The information you have shared with us and the content that you have uploaded is being retained by us indefinitely, including when your account has been deleted by you or us, unless we have no further use of this information, or unless you have requested us to delete the information.

If you wish to have your information and content deleted from Tuki’s database, you may submit a request by the means of communications detailed below. We will need to ascertain your identity as the subject of such information and publisher of such content before we can proceed with the deletion of the information and content.

Nevertheless, we will retain information from accounts which have been disabled by us for violations of our terms or policies for a period determined by us from time to time.

Please note that information and content that other users have shared about you will not be deleted if it is not violating our terms of use, unless otherwise requested by such other users.

How to contact Tuki with questions regarding this policy
If you have questions about this policy, here’s how you can reach us:

You may contact us online though this email.

Alternatively, you may contact us here:
Tuki Group ltd.
Flat 67 Boxmoor House,
Queensdale Crescent, W11 4TJ